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Jungle in Calais, France

In the summer of 2015, about 3,500 refugees stayed in ‘Jungle’, the refugee camp located in Calais, France.

The Jungle was originally built by refugees from Bosnian civil war to acquire a refugee status in France in the early 1990s. People who avoid poverty, political oppression by dictatorship and war from Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Syria and Afghanistan floated here, in Jungle.

The numbers of refugees went up to 7,000 in the end of the year.

Children and women stay in the facility, Salam, and men build temporary dwelling places made with woods and tents from donation, and stay in the forest outside Salam. The life in Jungle is perfectly dark at night, and the life cannot go on without donation from charity organisation. In the summer the Jungle has laughter and people talking until sun goes down, but only silence is left now, because of short day light.

Calais, the gateway of strait of Dover has quite changeable weather and strong wind. Some refugees want to settle down in UK, through Euro tunnel, and the others want France for their sweet home. However the reality is cruel and sceptical. England has a plan to bring refugees from UN refugee camp, near Syrian border area, and France tries to reinforce the security of harbour area in order to prevent crowding around Euro tunnel. In this winter, African refugees are deeply worried and anxious whether the humanitarian tolerance and generosity from international society deflect from them.


In this winter, the weather brings more severe and harsh cold.

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